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Gargnano - History

There is proof that Gargnano already existed during the ancient Roman era; following the barbaric invasions of 973 it passed to the Cathedral of Verona. During Venetian rule, from 1427 to 1797, it became part of the Magnifica Patria. The most important facts in the history of Gargnano are certainly those that date back to the Second World War and the birth of the Italian Social Republic (R.S.I.). After Trentino Alto Adige had been occupied by the army of the Third Reich, Mussolini decided to establish himself in Gargnano at Villa Feltrinelli in 1943. He chose the area between Gargnano and Salò to establish the Italian Social Republic as it was easy to defend and at the same time it was easy to reach the territory of Limone which was part of the German territory, what is more, he chose this town for the various buildings that were already there and where the main exponents and offices of the Italian and German armies could be installed. With the death of Mussolini on 28 April 1945, all the territories occupied by the Italian and German armies were handed back to their legitimate owners.

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